At last…Travels is real!

I am delighted to say that after 5 months of working on my debut album “Travels”, it is finally complete!

It’s been a brilliant journey, there’s been many ups, a few downs, some frustrations and delays, but also much laughter, happiness and pride.  I just can’t believe that my debut album is now finally a real thing.  I am very pleased with it, when I hear it I get a great feeling of pride, that satisfying feeling that I made this.

Following recording and mixing by myself, the album was mastered by the Tolbooth’s Mark Lough who has his own mastering business, Hillfoots Mastering.

Now it’s your turn to have a listen!  The first three tracks can now be listened to in my shop.  Also, if you pre-order the full album now, you will also get an instant download of these tracks.  As for the rest of the album…I don’t want to ruin the surprise!  The album is due to be released on 1st December, so if you pre-order now, you will receive the full album as a download on this date.  If you order the CD, this will arrive a few days later.

Thank you to everyone for your support throughout the whole recording process…and enjoy Travels!!!