Live on The Wee County Sessions plus Free Downloads!


It’s been a glorious day here in Alloa, even better than a lot of days through the summer!  Having no featured artists available for The Wee County Sessions, I stepped in and did a song.  I chose Robert Burns’ “Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin”, a song I have added to my set for this year and have been playing recently at the open mic nights at the Oakwood Lounge in Sauchie.  The video can be found below:


As I did with “Johnny O’ Braidislee” and “The Galway Shawl”, I have gave this a light mix and made it available to download free from SoundCloud by clicking here. My fiancee was off work today and as we don’t often have weekends off together, we decided to record a duet.  We covered the song “Let’s Duet” from the film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” and you can listen to it here 🙂


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