Meetings and Partings

I’ve always found train stations and airports to be quite emotional places.  Just sitting in one for ten minutes and you can witness a whole range of human emotion; joy, sadness, love and laughter.  I can’t help but have a wee smile to myself when I see people meeting and hugging each other.  Who knows how long it’s been since they’ve seen each other?  Are they old friends, meeting up after years of not speaking?  A couple trying to make a long distance relationship work?  Or is it a parent sending their child off to uni or college?  I was in Glasgow during Celtic Connections and took a wander through Central Station.  There is a clock in the station which is often used as a meeting place.  It just so happened there was a couple meeting under the clock and when I left, I felt the urge to buy a notebook and pen and came up with this wee song.

Waiting at the station
For a train that’s running late
Waiting at the airport
There’s delays at the gate
Through all the inconvenience
Through all the push and shove
From all the meetings and partings
There flies the joy of love

The shunting of the trains
Is like the beating of a heart
The shine of a big birds wing
Is it here that true love starts?
And when the engines roar
When the silver wings take flight
From all the meetings and partings
There flies the joy of love

A mother hugs her son
For a while been away
A father hugs his daughter
He wishes she could stay
And under the clock
Two lovers embrace
Everyone feels the gladness
And the sadness of this place

My train has pulled in now
I have to say goodbye
My airplane is boarding now
I feel like I could cry
But at the other side
When sadness wears off
From all the meetings and partings
There flies the joy of love

A. Huggan 2011

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