Target Reached! Pre-Order Still Available

Well, what can I say?  I am absolutely blown away by the sheer support and dedication of my fans!  My target of £700 was exceeded in only 6 days!  Thank you all so much for you help, you have no idea how truly grateful I am.

Even though the target has been met, the campaign will continue until 16th June.  Promises can still be made and this is the only way to pre-order your own exclusive edition of the CD, which will have different artwork and packaging to the standard edition of the CD.  Who knows, there may even be a wee bonus on the CD.  All extra funds will be used to order more CDs and will enable to me to aquire better quality equipment, for an even better album!

I am still months away from the CD being recorded, however there are some things I can do just now, and I have already started working on the arrangements for the songs, and I can say it’s gonna be one great album!

So, if you want to be one of the first to receive the album and be proud to say you helped created, click the button below, make a promise and choose one of my fantastic exclusive rewards!

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