All These Things I’ve Seen

I’ve been fortunate to visit lots of wonderful places, in Scotland and further afield.  Sometimes it’s nice to reflect back on places you’ve visited.

Although my days of travelling solo are done, I cannot wait to show my daughter, Oran Mara, some of the amazing places I’ve visited.  Of course, there’s loads more out there still for us to see.

I’ve wandered the Ochils above Alva Glen
I’ve been up Dumyat again and again
I’ve walked to Fort William on the West Highland Way
96 miles then I called it a day
But of all these things I’ve seen
I know there will always be more
And everywhere that I’ve been
There’s somewhere new to explore
I’ve sailed on the ferries away oe’r the sea
I’ve been to the islands of Coll and Tiree
I’ve travelled the far North, to Orkney and more
I’ve partied in Shetland far from the main shoreI’ve taken a few days away from my work

I’ve crossed o’er the border and on to York
I went down to Southampton away far down there
I’ve never been to London, but London beware!
I’ve flown o’er to Europe all over the map
Hygge in Denmark while sipping on schnapps
I’ve also been reckless and shown my wild side
When I partied in Majorca
Til I nearly died
But I’ll take a little break
My solo adventures are done
For I have plans to make
To welcome my little one
And I will show my child
All these wondrous things that I’ve seen
And I know, and I know
And I know there will always be more