Dad’s Promise

Whilst working on “Down The Railway Line”, my wife, Kirsten, was heavily pregnant with our daughter Oran Mara.

I wanted to write a lullaby for Oran and so I started tinkering away on the guitar and started thinking about her life, what lies ahead for her and how I will always be there for her.

“Dad’s Promise” is a lullaby for Oran Mara Huggan.

When you first arrive in this world
When you first try to breathe
When you first open your eyes
A loving face is what you’ll see

When you take your first small steps
When all the world is oh so new
When you shed your first true tears
I’ll be there to comfort you

Because I’m your dad
Because I’m your guardian
Because I’m your dad
I’ll be there to comfort you

When I first take you to school
To learn the ways of this land
When you think that I’ve left you
I’ll be right back to hold your hand

I’ll be right back to hold your hand
When you become a young adult
And if you go to uni too
When you finally flee the nest
There’s always room at home for you

When you reach your wedding day
When your life begins anew
When the grandchildren arrive
I will still be there for you