Free Spirit

“Free Spirit” is a song all about friendship and the things that really matter in life.

I got the idea for this song one day while I was at work. Sick of constantly hearing about what’s going on in celebrities lives, not just at work but in the media too, I started to wonder if there were people out there who were actually so concerned with what the paparazzi were capturing that maybe they were not realising what was going on in their friends and families lives. This got me thinking about what my friends mean to me, and so I wrote this song, “Free Spirit”, which I’m sure you’ll find is quite catchy!

I don’t care for celebrities an’ that
I only care for my friends
I don’t care for kings an’ queens an’ that
I only want to be a free spirit

All through my life they’ve stood by me
Through all the ups and the downs
While the rich man scoffs and this poor man rots
But with my friends I’ll always be free
And if the big man looks down on me
I’ll just laugh in his face
For I have something much greater than all
Somethings that helps me stand tall

Now if they feel down or sad or blue
They know where to find me
For a shoulder to cry on, someone to rely on
Someone to help them feel free
And this friendship so strong that it holds in the storm
Through all the wind and the rain
It’s a thing that will last, as it has in the past
And it will last for always

Now we’re all older, we’re all more mature
But we still have the same sense of fun
We all laugh a lot, all these friends that I’ve got
The people that help me be free

© A. Huggan 2008