Hebridean Blue

Out of all of the wonderful places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, there is one place that I keep going back to and that has always been a source of inspiration.  The Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides lie off the west coast of Scotland.  It’s a chain of islands where life is a bit more laid back, the people are wonderful and the beaches are simply breathtaking.  The only way to describe the colour of the sea there is “hebridean blue”.

The colours in a rainbow
in a million different hues
Put them in a palette
And I’d know which to use
I do like sunset orange
And silver mountain dew
But there’s no shade can compare
with hebridean blue

Hebridean blue
Hebridean blue

Some like pastel purple
And fire engine red
I do think they are pretty
I like another one instead
I’ve mellowed to lemon yellow
Forest green’s the one for you
But no colour can best
hebridean blue

Some like hot magenta
And others biege or cream
But my favourite is quite special
A bit like aqua marine
The colours in a rainbow
None of them will do
Cos the colour in my heart
is hebridean blue