In the Glen

Kirsten and I got engaged in 2011. After much thought and planning, I finally popped the question by a waterfall in Alva Glen in Clackmannanshire, Scotland’s smallest county. I had wanted to write a song about us, and had been planning to write a song about places in Clackmannanshire so I came up with this wee ballad that tells the story of our trip to the Glen. Kirsten tracey sings backing vocals on this song.

A fine summer’s day
Our anniversary
Let’s go for a walk
And see our love unlocked
We’ll only be gone
For an hour and ten
Up by the water
In our own Alva Glen

At the foot of the hill
We had plenty time to kill
But my mind was away
I had to work out what to say
At the first waterfall
Will I ask you now?
Oh no, I don’t think so
I still don’t know how

At the second waterfall
I heard the wee birds call
Were they trying to say
We will help you on your way
By the wishing well
With waters so delish
I cupped my hands and took a sip
And I made myself a wish

At the third waterfall
The biggest of them all
I finally could see
So I got down on one knee
Will you marry me?
Yes, I heard you say
And I shouted for joy
With you I’ll always stay

Two years ago
We shared our first kiss
A few years from now
You’ll no longer be a Miss
Here in Alva Glen
By the waterfall we stand
And I’ll cherish you always
When you’re holding my hand

I will cherish you always
When you’re holding my hand

© A. Huggan 2012