In The Reek of the Smouldering Peat

Everyone loves a party and people love to sing along. Some of the most memorable parties I have ever been to have been in the Outer Hebrides, and in particular, in the Berneray Youth Hostel run by the Gatliff Trust. Every time I’ve been there, I have met lots of other like minded people and one thing has led to another and all of a sudden a great party has begun, usually beginning with a few gentle strums on the guitar. I’ve been wanting to write a lively song that captures this brilliant atmosphere for a while, so I was more than pleased when I came up with the idea for this song!

Come gather round the hearth
With a glass in your hand
As the wind and the rain are howling
But inside we’re feeling grand
Come each and every one
To the beat of the strum
We’re in for a wild one
But it’s only just begun

So raise up your glass
And smile till it hurts
Stretch out your legs
Before the ceilidh starts
There’s room for everyone
In the reek of the smouldering peat

The kitchen’s filling fast
As the craic starts to flow
Laughter fills the room
And our joy starts to show
Everyone is singing
As the whisky starts to drain
We’ve been around the room
But we’ll go round again

It’s starting to get dark
And some folks are off to bed
You need to get some sleep
Need to rest your head
But don’t despair at all
For the morn’s another day
And the memories you’ve gained
With you will always stay