Since Kirsten and I met, we have been on many adventures.  Everyday we bring each other joy, even when we are just sitting watching TV.  There’s not a day goes by where we don’t make each other smile or laugh.

This song celebrates all of the joy of sharing life with your soul mate, from going for a walk, to our wedding day and honeymoon, to thinking about the future.

I took joy in the warmth of the summer
As we walked on the sand both together
I took joy in the nice sunny weather
As we strolled hand and hand through the heather

I felt joy as I knelt on one knee
I took your hand and, oh, did I mention?
I felt joy when I popped the big question
You said yes, to my satisfaction

I took joy when we picked up the keys
To our home and the life we would live there
I take joy every night when we share
All our hopes, all our dreams, all our cares

I felt joy as we stood at the alter
Making vows that were never for breaking
I felt joy when my hand you were taking
No more doubt, no more pain, no hearts aching

There was joy at the tops of skyscrapers
Even though they all say New York’s gritty
There was joy in the buzz of the city
Lights reflect in your eyes oh so pretty

We feel joy each day we’re together
Hand in hand as this world we both wander
We feel joy to know when we’re older
We’ll feel joy and the same quiet wonder.