Please Don’t Take My Smile

I’ve been working in an office job in financial services for over 13 years now.  Over the years, I’ve noticed that each day seems to have it’s own character.

On a Monday it’s nice to catch up with people and talk about the weekend.  Tuesday, is a nothing day, in fact it’s the worst day of the week.  You can breathe a sigh of relief on Wednesday as you’re halfway there. Thursdays always seem to be nice days.  Then, you have Friday and the start of the weekend!

Oh monday oh monday
You’ve come round too fast
Come to steal the joy from sunday
Was never meant to last
Monday it’s true you make me feel blue
At least for a while
Oh monday, blue blue monday
Please don’t take my smile

Oh tuesday, oh tuesday
You’ve snuck up on me
Like a knife in the dark aimed straight for my heart
Why couldn’t I see
Tuesday you’re mad and you make me sad
With your mean and twisted style
Oh tuesday, cruel cruel tuesday
Please don’t take my smile

Wednesday, oh wednesday
You’ve gave my head a thump
Why didn’t you say that you’d meet me halfway
You’ve played me like a chump
Wednesday, what can I say
I want to run a mile
Wednesday, oh wednesday
Please don’t take my smile

Oh thursday, oh thursday
Nice to meet you too
All the other days have gone in a haze
And not a moment too soon
Thursday your unique in this working week
You have my heart beguiled
Oh thursday, cheery thursday
Please don’t take my smile

Oh friday, lovely friday
What took you so long
I’ve been waiting forever to embrace your treasure
You won’t do me wrong
Oh friday you’re the best I don’t say this in jest
You make the week worthwhile
Oh friday, lovely friday
Please don’t take my smile