Whilst working on this album, I noticed that there is a theme that runs through a lot of my songs: most were inspired by my experiences whilst travelling. I decided that “Travels” would be the perfect title for this album, but I realised that the word wasn’t mention at all in any of my songs. So, I decided to write this wee song to try to encourage others to go out and do something different…you never know where your travels will take you.

There’s a time in everyone’s life
When you can’t take it no more
You’re tired of the same old mundane things
And your day job is a bore
You long for the sound of some far off sea
The view of some new found land
The smell of the freshest air to breathe
And the touch of some shining sand
Take hold of your time before it’s too late
And just open up the door

So go catch a bus
Or hop on a train
Or just take your car and drive
Put your boots on and go for a walk
Just go out and feel a life
And you’ll find when on your travels
True beauty unravels
And your life will be much fuller
So just go

Everyday you take the same road
And your days begin to drag
You’ve seen these same old sights before
But don’t wave your wee white flag
Don’t hang up your hat, don’t chuck in the towel
Don’t you dare call it a day
There’s much more for those wise old eyes to see
So take your life a different way
Take hold of your time before it’s too late
And just open up the door

There’s many a famous traveller
That thought of turning back
But faith and courage picked them up
And put them back on track
Sir Walter Scott and Captain James Cook
And William Baffin
And Neil Armstrong with his lunar boots
Went there and back again
They took hold of their time, it wasn’t too late
And they opened many doors

© A. Huggan 2012